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Today, with the continuous development of business and the variety of international financial market, enterprises will have to face the risk brought by the change of exchange rate; On April 23, Shanghai Bestwin Petrochemical Co., Ltd. invited a professional risk management team to conduct training in the conference room of Nanjing Branch. Under the leadership of General manager Mr. Qiu and Vice manager Mis. Hou of the company, all employees listen carefully and actively participate in the discussion. The main contents of the training are two lecturers' introduction to exchange rate risk aversion - financial derivatives and operation process, as well as exchange rate analysis and guidance. The atmosphere of the whole training is harmonious and the trainees are full of harvest.

With the ever-changing world economy, exchange rate risk is the most important; we  believe that after this training, our company's awareness and prevention of exchange rate risk will be significantly improved.


2021年5月14日 14:07